Dura-Line, a leading global manufacturer and distributor, is transforming the structure of communication. Technology, data, and constant communication are more intertwined with our daily lives than ever before in human history. Dura-Line provides the essential infrastructure – conduit, FuturePath, cable-in-conduit, and accessories – to make this possible. Through our innovative product solutions and unparalleled customer insight, Dura-Line creates what connects us, serving a wide variety of markets including telecommunications, enterprise networking, energy, and transportation.

  • Dura-Line, part of Orbia working to Advance technologywww.duraline.com

    • Microduct technology to provide future proof pathways
    • The natural evolution of standard conduits as space in networks is a premium
    • FuturePath is two or more MicroDucts bundled installed using standard OSP techniques
    • Perfect to Transportation, campuses, Healthcare, DAS and Data Centers

Dura-Line is literally the conduit for the world's ideas

Every time you pick up your cell phone, log into the internet, or use your i-anything, it’s because our HDPE pathways protect that delicate string of glass called a fiber optic cable that carries everything from precious pictures of your puppy to the latest sports scores. Your safety, health, family, work, entertainment…your whole life; that’s our connection.#duraline #fiberoptics #conduit #creatingwhatconnectsus #weareessential #weareduraline

Posted by Dura-Line on Tuesday, May 26, 2020